¿Qué es la Cruda?

Millones de personas sufren los síntomas de la cruda cada fin de semana. Sin embargo, pocos entienden las causas fisiológicas de la cruda. Muchas consideran que la cruda es una simple deshidratación. Si esto fuera cierto, ¿no tendrías los mismos síntomas (vomito intenso, nausea y dolor de cabeza) después de hacer ejercicio intenso? Normalmente no.


Where can I drop off the vehicle that I am donating?

You can bring your vehicle to any one of our drop-off locations. For your convenience, we have a drop-box available to leave your keys and paperwork. Please call 612-775-2500 for specific directions.

If I am not near a drop-off location or I need my vehicle picked up, how do I arrange it?

We provide towing of your vehicle with no cost to you. Just fill out the form below or give us a call at 612-775-2500.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute is a nonprofit, 501C3 organization. Your donation is tax deductible.

How is my tax deduction determined?

Generally, your charitable contribution deduction is the gross proceeds from the sale of your vehicle. If your vehicle is in good condition, Courage Kenny will work to get gross proceeds from the sale of your vehicle, close to the Kelley Blue Book Private Party Sale value. If the vehicle sells for $500 or less, your deduction is whatever you feel the fair market value of the vehicle is at the time of donation up to $500.

What condition must my vehicle be in to donate it?

We are happy to accept any vehicle with a clear title, running or not.

What does Courage Kenny do with the donated vehicles?

After we receive your vehicle, our staff determines where to sell it for the highest possible return, through a variety of selling venues including retail auctions. Courage Kenny handles all legal documents and provides you with receipts and information for your tax deduction once the vehicle has sold. Proceeds support Courage Kenny programs and services.

What types of vehicles does Cars for Courage Kenny accept?

We accept cars, trucks, boats with trailers, personal watercraft, RVs, campers, snowmobiles, motorcycles and other vehicles. Boats and watercraft should be 1990 or newer, in good, running condition, used in the past 2 years and have a trailer (some exceptions for non-motorized craft).

When does my liability for the vehicle end and who transfers the title?

On the day Courage Kenny receives your vehicle, our insurance provides coverage. As a Minnesota-licensed dealer, we will notify the state DVS upon receipt of your title that we are assuming liability for the vehicle. We will provide you with receipts and information for your tax deduction.

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